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On-set of "Chicken" with actress Patricia Selznick 

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Petracek has been acting since the ripe age of 10 - although originally it was against his will. 

As his appreciation of Cinema grew, his interest in acting followed and with the encouragement of his peers he began auditioning for plays during his time at San Francisco State University. There, he landed crucial roles that expanded his knowledge of theater whilst maintaining an active film acting career. 

Since moving to New York city, Petracek has trained in emotionally centered improvisation - trained and developed a working friendship with actor, Tony Lo Bianco (French Connection and Honeymoon Killers), and landed gigs in theater (The Academy, Golden Boy, Hedda GablerThe Seagull) as well as film. Working mostly in film, Petracek has recently appeared in Chicken (2016), The Session (2016), The Perfect Murder (2016) and wrote and directed his debut short, PALM. 

Although cast in various types of roles, Petracek would say that his most identifiable trends in his characters would be a hardened surface with a soft, sensitive inner shell. 

Not only has Petracek trained in acting, but he also has extensive knowledge in directing theater and film. Writing is also a passion and his rendition of The Seagull, which he co-wrote, will be performed in May 2017.